Routine maintenance for iron stone displays

Modern displays are gradually attached to great importance. All kinds of manufacturing materials make display various, elegant wooden stone display stand, iron stone display stand texture,  fashionable acrylic display stand. There are a variety of other materials display. For different display, routine maintenance is also somewhat different. The following will talk about the daily maintenance of iron precautions:

1. to eliminate rust.
If the stone display is rusty, do not polish it with sandpaper. Use cotton dipped in oil applied to rust if it’s small . Wait a moment and wipe with a cloth can eliminate rust.

2. avoid the bump.
This is the first commercially available stand point to note, stone display rack in the handling process should be handled with care. Place the stone display where seldom encounters a hard object. Place chosen, not should be frequent changes. Placed Chin should remain flat on the ground, so that  the display rack will be stable. if wobbly, falling exhibition will produce a slight deformation, affecting the life of the exhibition.

3. isolated wet.
Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal range. Display should stay away from the humidifier, humidity causes corrosion of metals occurs, chrome stripping and other produce. When cleaning the display, do not use boiled water.  Use wet wipe, but do not rinse with water.

4. Clean dust.
The best selection is cotton knitwear. Wipe the surface of the stone display rack. Note depression and relief ornamentation in the dust on the shelf.

5. away from the sun.
Avoid putting the stone display rack direct exposure to the sun’s out the window. Iron display stand withstand sun for a long time will make paint color discoloration. Colored paint dry flaking metal appeared to oxidative deterioration. If you are experiencing intense sunlight and can not be moved to carry racks, curtains or blinds shade available.

6. away from the acid.
PH is iron display the “number one killer.” On display if accidentally stained with iron acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), base (such as a base, soapy water, soda water), rinse immediately with water at the dirt with a dry cotton cloth.

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How to display goods on the stone sample display

Having a beautiful stone display, do not mean that you can make the best of the display. Only the good display effect helps to really enhance the commercial display of taste and improve sales performance. Display is not only an art, but a science.

Security: In addition to steadiness of the display itself, display merchandise on display should be reasonably put and not stacked against falling to injure people.

Products ordered arrangement: Put the best or the good sales on the display surface of the main push. Best bit is a visual display of parallel areas.

Easy to buy: You must consider the question from the consumer’s point of view. Make the easy to buy as a fundamental starting point, goods are perfectly exposed to customers.

Easy to take place: When designing the display, we need to suppose ourselves as a client in the purchase of racks. General merchandise is first to get our hands for confirmation from all angles, and then decide whether to buy. As the display of goods is not easy to take, easy to put back, the result will lose the opportunity to sell merchandise out.

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The knowledge about Stone Display Rack

First of all, mention the type of stone: stone as a high-grade building decoration material is widely used in interior and exterior decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facilities construction. The stones commonly found on the market are mainly divided into natural stone and artificial stone and marble. Of course, as a professional stone display manufacturer, the professional field of stone is mainly in the field of stone display. Here is the knowledge about Stone Display Rack:

First, large stone exhibition equipment

1. Stone large board display rack:
The size of the stone slab is generally around 1000×2000 (depending on the situation), so the display rack or showcase of the stone slab is bulky, the floor space is large, and the weight is heavy. When choosing the display rack manufacturer, be careful. Safety and security is one of the important factors to consider. Qianfan chooses solid angle steel as raw material in the process of making large plates. The welding process adopts stable and firm fish scale welding technology, and the anti-rust treatment of finished products can prevent the stone from being installed on the display rack. After a long time, there is rust. The color change of the stone mainly appears on the stone with poor chemical stability. During the construction process, the paint and the binder contain a lot of volatile molecules, and these volatile molecules will also react with the stone, which is stable to this kind of chemical. Poor stone has an impact. There is also a case where the stone is installed on the display rack every day. If the display rack itself is rusted, it will also affect the stone, so Qianfan is very good at avoiding this problem.

2, stone specification board display stand:
The stone, called the specification plate, is cut into small pieces at a fixed size such as 600×600, and its size is generally smaller than the large plate. According to the diversity of the specification board and the portable type, the pattern of the stone specification board display rack can also be various, and there are push-pull type, flip type, reclining type, combined type, hanging type, drawer type and the like. Each style has its own characteristics. For example, the page turning type can display the stone in 360 degrees without a dead angle. However, due to the large space requirement, it can only be placed in an open space and not suitable for being placed in a corner. Another example is the drawer type. Although it can only display one side of the stone, the number of stones that can be displayed is relatively large, and the cabinet design is quite satisfactory. It can be placed in the corner of the wall or placed on the wall without occupying a large space. As for the other styles, we will not explain them one by one. Gods who want to know can find our customer service for you to explain in detail.

3, stone staircase display rack
The stone stair slab is the name of the stair slab made of stone. In the process of displaying it, it must be placed similar to the actual stairway, so that the stair slab can be perfectly displayed so that it does not look like a strip. The same as ordinary tiles. So a good stair board display rack can make your stairway interpret its effect and sell for a good price.

There are also stone countertop display racks, line display racks, sample rooms, as well as combination cabinets, exhibition halls, etc. All kinds of display materials for displaying stone; all of them belong to large exhibition racks, which are suitable for display in stone shops and stone exhibition halls, waiting for customers to watch the purchases. . Then there is a situation where the stone salesman needs to come to visit the customer, or when you need to mail the sample to the customer, you can not bring these large stone exhibits on the body. At this time, you need to use the stone sample box, the sample box. A small exhibition of the class, let’s introduce it to you.

Second, small stone exhibition equipment

1, stone sample box
When the stone is cut into small sample color blocks, stone sample boxes are used. These stone sample color blocks are placed in the stone sample box, just like the eggs are placed in the shatterproof foam box, which is safe and beautiful. . The internal structure of the stone sample box is generally made of fiber sponge, which not only prevents the color blocks from colliding with each other, but also keeps the color blocks neat and tidy, and does not mess when presented to the customer, and the external structure of the stone sample box Just like the suitcase, the current design usually adds a handrail, so it is also called a stone sample box.

2, stone sample book
Although the stone sample book can not put a lot of stone sample color blocks like the stone sample box, its advantage is that you can print a lot of picture text on the booklet to promote your stone. The sample book is like a thick big book, inside. Embed the stone sample color card.

Today’s introduction is here. If you still don’t understand it, or have new ideas and suggestions, you can always contact our salesman. We can directly produce prototypes according to your design drawings, or you can use your mind. The idea of ​​designing the drawings and re-production of the exhibits.

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How to choose Tile Display Rack Factory?

Whether it is up to the tile manufacturers, down to the tile dealers, you will encounter the problem of tile sales, and the important part of the sales of tiles is the display of tiles: there are exhibitions, exhibition halls, tile stores, specialty stores, these sales channels need Use the display stand to display the tiles. So, how to choose a Tile Display Rack Factory is more suitable? Let’s introduce Master Li of Qianfan’s exhibition to everyone.
I have been exhibiting for more than 20 years. I came to Qianfan in 2008 and have served this company for 11 years. There are countless exhibitions of various sizes, such as large and small. The sail display mainly produces tile display racks, wooden floor display racks, wooden floor display racks, stone display racks, stone display racks, mosaic display racks and other building materials display racks. Today, we mainly talk about the tile display rack.
We do display racks, both in accordance with the requirements of customers and drawings, as well as the choice of providing design solutions for customers. These two situations need to pay attention to different points, such as customers have their own clear requirements and drawings. This situation requires the manufacturer to accurately produce according to the drawings and requirements. The operation of our modest is to first confirm the sample and send it to the customer for confirmation. For example, if the customer does not have clear requirements and drawings, Qianfan’s operation is based on years of experience to select the most suitable solution to design the sample first, and communicate with the customer in real time during the design process to ensure that the details are consistent with the customer’s needs until the design. Finished by the customer to finalize, and then according to the sample proofing sent to the customer to confirm, no problem after mass production. This prudent operation process can perfectly avoid the inconsistency between demand and final product.
Of course, in addition to the style of the exhibition stand in line with the customer’s needs, there is an important point, that is, the quality of the product, some customers may not understand, not an iron shelf, can put the tile does not collapse, what quality? This understanding shows that you are not an old expert in the tile industry. “Ceramic tiles, also known as tiles, are made of refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides, which are formed by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering to form an acid-resistant porcelain or stone. Building or decorative materials, called tiles. The raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand, etc.. So the tiles actually contain metal oxides. If you just find an iron shelf, it will be difficult to avoid it after a long time. Rust spots. In the process of making the exhibition equipment, we have included the operation of raw material derusting and finished anti-rust coating to avoid damage to the ceramic tile during the process of displaying the ceramic tile.
In addition to the above points, there are some details such as the exhibition stand placed on the second floor of the exhibition hall. Considering the load-bearing problem of the floor, our designers will make a design plan to ensure your safety and security within a reasonable range. . In short, all you have to do is provide the size you need to place the tiles, and the rest can be handed over to us.
The above is the introduction of our Master Li, then dear customer God, do you know how to choose a tile display manufacturer?
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Six different types of display cabinets

Many businesses and service providers will be a problem, it is how to make more personality and aesthetics of our showcase on display. Clothing Showcase / Menswear showcase as an example, if the classification by structure type: type can be divided into sets, removable sample, the overall test assembly, plug-in, single modular, so six kinds of specific special type structure subdivision.
1. In view of the shaft-mounted display cabinet — Chinese traditional furniture in the form of several sets of structure, set tables, stool sets, specifications size made of different sizes from small to large square pier (a series of five-sided), or made size specifications of several different shape, the size, height useful when changes, the combination forms; when not incorporated into small pieces turn into large, the space occupied by only the largest table area, large display full use of space, reduce storage or transport space occupied.
2. Demountable Showcase — from wood, glass, stainless steel and other components constituted, can break up and then assembled display props.
3. The overall display cabinets — assembled by first-generation display props are not changing the structure, size, shape; if no longer in use, need to find a place to store large space or split up these materials and then made into other display props, such a waste of space, produced a display cabinet nor attractive.
4. Plug-in display cabinets — a variety of different sized plug plate, in certain parts cut out an opening, and then plug the fight group, a combination of Showcase, display cabinets, display rack, display stand, grid, display planes, and other signs indicating the various uses of display props.
5. monomer modular display cabinet — first devised a variety of monomers to display props, then these monomers show props (or two or more kinds of monomers with a plurality of) a combination of assembly, and the standard form constituting the wealthy change new display props. Such display of props in exhibitions, museum displays and window arrangement more practical.
6. The special formula specific display cabinets — the exhibition, on display in the museum because of the special nature of the product, as some kind of special show props exhibits produced; it is only suitable for, but not for other product display. Such display of props was quite small but require special showcase.

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What is the difference between Plastic and cardboard stone sample book?

Our stone sample book is good for showing your stone samples to your client on Fairs, show room or distributor.

Stone sample book
Normally we have 2 styles sample book. One is plastic stone sample book. Other is cardboard stone sample book. What is the different from?
Plastic stone sample book

Stone Display stone sampel book01

Plastic material has a longer shelf life and not easy to deformation. The plastic sample book can be assembled and split easily, also can be secondary used. Just change the printing. Now we have followed inner pages.

Stone Display stone sampel book02

Because the thickness of stone sample board must be 5mm. So it is more suitable for quartz and ceramic. We could also make as your size, so we have to open a new mould. The mould cost would be about Usd2500.00.

EVA + Cardboard stone sample book

Stone Display stone sampel book03

Cardboard sample books look more high level and more design sense. The cardboard sample books are easy use, also can be secondary used. A whole book will be designed according to your idea. We could make the inner pages as your samples. So it is suitable for all kinds of stone, such as Granite, Marble, Quartz, Ceramic… because the thickness of stone sample is unlimited. We could also make the handle or bags for it. Change the cover printing to leather is available.

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Applications for Hydraulic Gauges

The mobile hydraulics industry has a long history of using hydraulic gauges​ as instrumentation on construction machinery, agriculture and forestry machinery, and material handling equipment. This gauge is used because it can withstand the extreme vibration and shock from the machinery. The stationary hydraulics industry uses hydraulic gauges for instrumentation on machinery like presses, stamping machines, rolling machines, and forming machines because of the extreme pressure spikes and surges from the hydraulic systems.

A new and growing application for hydraulic gauges is for portable equipment. Hydraulic gauges are being used on portable hydraulic power packs that generate high hydraulic pressure for hydraulic tools, which include torque wrenches, jacks and shears. Hydraulic gauges are also being used in portable compressors for construction tools and equipment, as well as being used in portable pumps for reservoir drainage, irrigation systems and storm water handling.

The reason the hydraulic gauge is ideal for all these applications is because they all involve extreme vibration, pulsation and shock, which usually renders standard pressure gauges useless, leaving machinery and equipment inoperable until a replacement gauge can be been found. For this very reason, firefighting truck manufactures will only specify hydraulic gauges for their panel gauges to read water pump pressure because they know firefighters demand that their equipment works 100% of the time, with no exceptions

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