Wood Floor Finishes

Wood flooring can be finished in numerous different ways. Some finishes are burnished into the wood, some are natural oils that harden over time, some are a top coating that actually builds a film of protective finish over the wood and others chemically bond to the wood fibers to seal the wood from being able to absorb moisture, dirt, etc.

First off there has been for some time now a renewed interest in very flat sheen levels on hardwood flooring. This is in some ways a throw back to what the old waxed wood floors looked like before the use of topical coatings became popular. Waxed floors generally have a very flat sheen as well as a depth of color that is difficult to achieve with a topical coating, especially the widely used waterbased top coatings in use today. This renewed trend in flatter sheens has brought to market some products that have been in use in the European market for some time that can achieve these looks while being easier to maintain than the wax finishes of yesterday.

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