Pros and Cons of Mosaic Tiles in Your Home

As beautiful as mosaics are, they may not be practical in every room of your home. After all, who would want to sit for extended periods on a couch covered in tiles and grout? You’ll have to keep a few things in mind when you choose mosaics to decorate with in your house.


Trendy: Mosaics are often considered a classic style, but occasionally the look trends upward or downward, like any style. This can increase the value of your home if you get the right buyer who sees the mosaics in your home as a bonus.
Easy to maintain: With all the protective coats and grouting, your mosaic should be easy to care for, especially if you choose glass tiles.
Unique: Good luck finding a mosaic anywhere else that looks exactly like the ones in your home. The very nature of mosaics means they will always have a one -of-a-kind look. Steer clear of the factory-produced sheets of tiles and you’re more likely to keep a unique style.
Affordable: Mosaic can be an affordable option if you choose inexpensive tiles. Glass, ceramic, and natural stone are the most budget-friendly choices.


Low resale value: Although mosaics can increase the value of your home, there’s also the chance that it affects the value negatively. It really depends on the market, the demographic, and whatever’s currently trending. Natural stone holds its value better than some other materials.
Difficult to clean: Not all mosaics are easy to maintain. Natural stone, for example, requires kid gloves when it comes to cleaning. You may have to purchase a cleaner specifically made for stone.
Easily damaged: Glass tiles can scratch easily, which can affect the overall appearance of your mosaic. Ceramic tiles absorb water easily, and if used outside without the necessary protective coats, it can crack if there’s a freeze in the winter.
Expensive: While some types of tile are affordable, there are plenty of options that might be outside your budget. Porcelain is likely to be pricier than ceramic. Simple glass tiles can be affordable, or more intricate or thicker pieces could be as expensive as quartz, marble, or granite.

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How to Choose New Windows Based on Climate

When choosing new windows, it’s important to weigh pros and cons based on your climate. This guide is organized to help you choose the most energy efficient, durable window types for your home.Keep these initial tips in mind:

Avoid single-pane windows. The insulating space in a modern double- or triple-paned window (also called an IGU or insulated glass unit) is more beneficial for climate control.
Outdated metal frames are not recommended. They’re inefficient and require a thermal break.
After you choose windows, professional installation is key to getting a good seal and the highest possible energy efficiency.
Windows for Cold Winter, Hot Summer Climate
Glass Considerations:Choose glass with a low U-factor, and get a low emissivity (low-E) coating, which reflects the sun, reduces glare and provides climate control in all seasons and temperatures.
Frame Considerations:Composite frames hold up better than wood in this climate because they don’t fluctuate in size as the seasons change drastically. They insulate just as well as wood and still look stylish, but they don’t decay as easily.
Vinyl keeps heat out in summer and insulates well in winter. It’s low maintenance and don’t need to be painted.
Windows for Often Warm, Sunny Climate
Glass Considerations:

Choose glass with a very low SHGC (solar heat gains coefficient). Consider a low emissivity (low-E) coating to reflect (rather than absorb) the sun and reduce glare.
Frame Considerations:

Vinyl is great for sunny places because it’s usually made of PVC that stabilizes UV rays. These frames can be insulated to keep heat out, and they don’t require painting.
Wood is a beautiful option if it doesn’t rain much where you live. It’s expensive and requires maintenance, but it’s an energy efficient and stylish option. Vinyl-clad wood is an alternative if you’re worried about too much expansion or decay with humidity.

Windows for Often Cold Climate Glass Considerations:

Choose glass with a low U-factor and a high SHGC (solar heat gains coefficient)
A single or double glaze (i.e., an extra glass pane in your IGU) can cut energy costs in half.
Frame Considerations:

Fiberglass has great thermal performance and is sturdy enough for winter storms.
A strong composite frame, as described above, would also work well.
Vinyl-clad wood insulates well and can handle ice and snow.

Windows for Windy Climate Glass Considerations:

Tempered glass protects windows from accidental breaks during high winds. Find out why you should choose or upgrade to tempered glass.
Be sure to get a modern IGU with two or three panes to cut down on noise.
Frame Considerations:Fiberglass is strong enough to stand up to high winds.
Vinyl is a less expensive option that is still sturdy.
Windows for Rainy or Humid Climate Glass Considerations:Get high-quality insulated glass in a modern IGU, which employs a desiccant inside the panes to keep moisture at bay. Professional installation ensures a sound seal and no annoying fog.
Frame Considerations:

Vinyl holds up well to moisture and any temperature, and it’s inexpensive.
Composite gives a wood look but is better suited for humidity and rain.
There are windows for every climate, and choosing the wrong window type can result in high energy bills – and discomfort!

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The introduce of mosaic

The art of mosaic is one of the earliest, and it was discovered in Mesopotamia. Back then, colored stones and shells were used to create patterns and pictures. The art form continued to be used throughout the ages in the Middle East, Europe, and pretty much everywhere else. Maps were made of stone tiles, and people from the Bible were depicted in mosaic forms. Mosaics were as intricate or simple as the artist wanted.

Whether a mosaic adorns the backsplash in a kitchen, the top of a table, the walls of a bathroom, or even the floor. The basic definition of a mosaic is that it’s a decoration of a surface. You could use that same definition for any piece of art, and so the distinguishing feature of a custom mosaic art installment is that it typically uses fragments of tile or stone to create the decoration.

A mosaic can turn up the class in any room, and even when applied to a surface using neutral colors, it adds pop to the area. Most mosaic patterns used on walls let the natural beauty of the stone, glass, or other material shine on its own, but some designs are intricate pieces of art that form flowers, faces, or places.

Today, mosaic designs are still made into detailed images of people, places, and things, or they’re used to create patterns in courtyards, on tabletops, and as backsplashes in kitchens. The only real difference today is that many mosaics are being manufactured. There’s a debate as to whether these computer-created mosaics are still considered art, or even mosaics because they aren’t technically artisanal.

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Today’s Hottest Shower Door Trends

If you’re in the market for a new glass shower door, you don’t have to make do with ordinary glass enclosures. You can transform your bathroom into a more beautiful, functional space with a trendy shower door. Take note of the most popular shower door trends of 2018:

Curbless showers and linear drains: For ease of access and a wildly trendy look, consider a curbless shower with a frameless shower door made of transparent or custom-etched glass and a linear floor drain. This combination is taking American bathrooms by storm in 2017! A curbless, frameless shower looks like a completely integrated part of the bathroom, with a transparent enclosure, no ledge to step over, and no obvious floor drain.
Transparent shower doors: Showers from the 90s and earlier tend to have opaque glass. This is good for privacy, but it looks dingy. Modern shower door trends lean toward transparent glass, which provides a sleeker, brighter, more spacious appearance and allows you to show off custom shower tile.

Frameless shower doors: Typical sliding shower doors are hung on aluminum or vinyl frames that have an outdated, boxy look to them. When compared to the sleek showers you see in design magazines and five-star hotels, ordinary shower enclosures look drab and old fashioned. To avoid this, you need a frameless swinging shower door, which eliminates the borders around each panel and gives your shower a seamless, cohesive aesthetic.
Custom glass shower door designs: For the privacy you want without dingy opaque glass, consider a shower door with custom decorative etched glass. You can create any design you want, from geometric squares and stripes to mountain scenery to ocean waves. This makes your shower become a piece of art in the bathroom.
Spacious shower enclosure: Shower/tub combinations aren’t trendy in 2017. If you have space, a freestanding soaking tub and spacious shower enclosure are much more aesthetically pleasing. In the shower, luxurious yet sustainable features, such as a low-flow rainfall shower head, make getting ready each morning a spa-like experience.

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Bathroom walls and floors with a mosaic border

There are numerous parts of the bathroom which could be beautified with a mosaic border. Whether you’ve chosen to extend the border to wrap around the floor, hover around the showering area, or to enclose your vanity mirror space, the options are limitless. But one thing to consider is to maintain a sense of unity with the colors that you have chosen.

A bright glass mosaic tile has the potential to add more color, and without overdoing it. There are many different elements to consider, such as glittering glass, or more industrial elements such as metal tiles. More natural choices such as stone, ceramic or porcelain can tone it down a little, to add a subtle effect to its surrounding.

A border will serve well to outline the taps, or even as a standalone element to give more attention to one section of the wall as a feature strip. If you’re aiming to have a border that is there to give a cohesive effect, then go for a thin border. There again, you can increase the border’s area to achieve more presence and further embolden the area that it frames.Needless to say, if you’re installing mosaic tiles in a bathroom, use non-slip porcelain or alternative materials such as natural stone tiles.

You’ll want to complement any design that has already been installed within the tiling of the bathroom, not compete with it. The listello’s patterns might be beautiful as they are, but a noisy border will detract rather than adding to the overall effect.It also helps to be choosy about which area to frame. If you’ve chosen to have a pattern on the bathroom floor’s tiles, then you’re best advised to keep a discreet pattern on the bathroom ceiling, and vice versa.

Glass stones or tiles could lend a very flattering effect to the interior of your bathroom. They add a splash of vibrancy to an otherwise mundane setting and can be skewed in a way to reflect the light emanating through a window. It always pays to have a wide variety of colors as well.


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DIY Cabinet Glass Insert Installation

1,Remove doors.
Place hardware (hinges, knobs) in plastics bags and clearly label. Label doors and openings using painter’s tape for easy re-assembly. Watch for and pull any finishing nails. (They will damage your expensive router bit.)
Remove doors, measuring the width of the groove on the cabinet interior, then the depth of the groove.
Using your carpenter’s square, mark the interior of the door to the depth of the groove measured above, ensuring equidistance on each side of the rectangle/square.
For Plexi: Clamp the door to your work surface, and using a circular or jigsaw, cut carefully to the depth measured and marked in the previous steps.
For Glass Installations: Making a guide with straight, smooth plywood or medium density fiberboard (MDF) to allow for the depth of your pattern bit, nail layers together to make guides, positioning them ½-inch from inner edges and clamping firmly in place. Support outer edges with wood strips that match cabinet door thickness. Clamp the door itself in place, then cut the lip with a router and ½-inch pattern bit, typically found at woodworking stores. Adjust cutting depth until bit just touches the panel. Cut away the lips on 2 sides, then reposition guides for the remaining two.
Knock corners free with your chisel.
6,Remove the wood.
Carefully pry the wood panel free from the cabinet, applying a few light hammer taps if necessary.
7,Measure insert dimensions.
Your plexi or glass insert dimensions must match your cut glass insert exactly.
8,Cut (or order) glass.
Transfer insert dimensions to your plexiglass. Score it halfway through with a cutting/utility knife, then snap on the lines. For true glass, you will need to order your chosen glass inserts and have them cut to size.
9,Apply caulk or glass clips.
Apply silicone caulk to the inside perimeter of the door frame, or screw in glass clips no farther than 12-inches apart.
10,Insert glass and reassemble.
Carefully insert your chosen glass into the frame, pressing it firmly into place with caulk or securing with glass clips (if glass rattles, a dab of hot glue will do the trick). For plexi, wipe away excess silicone, and allow to dry. Rehang cabinets using the hardware removed in Step 1.

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Applying a mosaic tile border to kitchen backplash

Mosaic border designs can do very well to outline the length of a kitchen backsplash. Bear in mind that the backsplash is a prominent section of the kitchen which is the first thing you see when entering the kitchen. Similarly, a kitchen backsplash tends to occupy a large space. As seen from that perspective, it is a good space to manipulate and can be modified with decorative tiles to add a lively effect to your cooking area.

A mosaic pattern on or around the kitchen backsplash will boldly delineate an area, also serving to personalize a space by giving it more definition and presence.The idea is to install a stunning design that will enhance the already pre-existing elements within a space. For example, glass mosaics have the benefit of adding reflective light to an area, and this can lend a lot of charm.

Assuming you feel that the kitchen backsplash has plain tiles, it pays to apply a multi-colored mosaic border to give it more character and punch. Then again, you can also yield an outdoorsy effect to the space, and effectively bring the outdoors back inside by including earth elements such as stones or pebbles.

One thing to bear in mind when using mosaic tiles to accent the borders is that you will have to match the thickness of the mosaics to that of the standard tiles.

If you’ve chosen to DIY the procedure, then be careful about not creating too much of a gap between each set of tiles.

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